Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nutrition $1.01

In our fifties, Wayne and I are finally grasping what it is to eat well and not spend much money at it.  The garden helps, but so do some simple recipes and an accumulation of seasonings.

One of our favorite meals for under $1.00 per serving is salmon grilled under the broiler with a huge side of sauteed zucchini.  A 16oz package of Salmon Fillets purchased at Aldi's costs $3.89 = 4 servings = $.97 per serving.  Add free zucchini (2 cups) from the garden and this is what you get:

188 calories
24 g protein
4 g fat
60 mg cholesterol
80 mg sodium
14g carbs
6 g fiber

Lots of great feelings of YUMM when you add a spoonful of hot raspberry jelly to the top of the salmon.  If you're thinking that's not enough - add some brown rice and enjoy!

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