Thursday, September 29, 2016

Critical Elements of Scholarship - student vs scholar

Question on my mind: What are the "critical elements of scholarship"?

"Engagement, rather than skill-set and information “download” is the deeper goal of academic instruction. The ultimate measure of success is the metamorphosis of the student, an individual at the outset capable and interested only in passive, assisted knowledge activities, into the scholar, an individual engaged in independent knowledge activities. It is worth briefly examining the critical elements of scholarship. Of paramount importance is that for scholar, no “oracle” exists to provide the 6 Symposium on Free Culture and the Digital Library – Emory University answer to a research question. Peers can provide critique but not guaranteed answers. The scholar also lacks a roadmap towards a solution, and must prioritize his/her efforts, evaluate the intellectual contributions of others, and act upon their own judgments. This is the universal situation of the scholar, and it is utterly different from the environment of the formal student."

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