Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple Self-Deception

We recently made the choice to complicate our lives and move to the city. Ironically, to do so, we had to undergo a huge process of simplification. After 15 years in the same large house with 2-story barn, we had accumulated a large quanitity of the detritus from postponed decision-making and a fair amount of self-deception. After grueling days of multiple garage sales, dozens of trips to drop items off at the Goodwill, multiple loads of tonnage to the recycling center, we spent 2 days loading a 26' Penzke truck to the brim and moved into our 2-bedroom apartment overlooking the city. No more yard to mow or rake. No more snow to shovel. No more self-deception. Our newest acquisition was the humbling awareness that simplicity is actually hard work. It requires honesty, courage and boldness as well as persistent endeavor. Quiet retreat from the challenges at hand is no substitute for the joy of accomplishing true simplicity.

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