Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simply city....

So now we live in the city. I can tell because it's never dark and never quiet. There's a sense that whatever "IT" is, it's never done - always in process. I've been varying degrees of sick with a cold for the last month, and struggling to understand what's kicking my usually robust immune system. My conclusion is what I just mentioned - not yet finding my sense of accomplishment.

Of course, country living is no different. One season's tasks roll right into the next season's responsibilities and round and round it goes. But at least there are touch-points in that lifestyle where you feel - DONE! Perhaps that's why everyone local feels compelled to share the number of quarts and pints they canned during harvest time. Something done, counted, put away. In the winter, the driveway is shovelled/not shovelled. It may not last long, but there is a moment when that chore is DONE. Pruning...DONE. Planting...DONE. Over time, those moments of accomplishment can get swallowed up in a sense of circular repetition, but they are there and you grasp them!

My new job is developmental - building a new business. Orders received give that momentary feeling - DONE! But worrying about the nebulous task of identifying and meeting shifting market needs, risking stale merchandise vs amply stocking for immediate needs, etc.... Not yet much sense of DONE at work.

At home --- what can I say!! To get a sense of DONE, I need to break it into smaller portions. But to find a place for the bikes means finding shelving for CDs so library bookshelf can move to a spot already occupied by items needing to be shifted somewhere else once that somewhere else is created...~~~

When it comes right down to it, my sense of accomplishment may need to be completely separate. Knit a scarf - DONE! Put together a jigsaw puzzle - DONE! Sew a bed skirt - DONE! Perhaps, for the sake of my immune system, I should complicate life a little by adding in small finite tasks which have beginnings with ends in sight.

Maybe MORE is the new LESS, when it's all said and done.

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